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    A problem with Intel Iris 5100, win10 running on MacBook Pro



      Simply put: The system is detecting much more video memory than it should.


      A very huge amount of 4050 MB of shared system memory is allocated, together with 128 MB of dedicated video memory, making a total of 4178 MB of total graphics memory on my laptop (see screenshot below). When I check Intel support page, I find that Intel iris graphics should only allocate a maximum of approx. 1.7GB of graphics memory. The 4+ GB occupies more than half of my total physical memory. This may sound harmless, but indeed a few issues arise.



      First, my start menu will occasionally turn black, including the text labels on each item in "All Apps", making them vastly invisible. I have included a screenshot showing what it looks like sometimes. (The exact thing that turn black is not the same every time, and sometimes the start menu appears perfectly alright)



      The next big problem is with games.

      When I was using Windows 8.1, I could use my laptop to play games like GTAV, Life Is Strange, WatchDogs, Far Cry 4, Dota 2 etc. Although the frame rate may not be satisfactory for professional gamers, at least I could play the game.

      But now, my GTAV will crash when I play it for ~5min, and when I check the task manager when it crashes, the system memory has been used up (almost). Dota 2 will experience flickering screen.


      More interestingly, when I switch back to a previous driver (3907, which does not officially support win10, but still installs), the system now detects the correct amount of video memory. (screenshot will be posted later) But anyway win10 will try to install the newest driver with windows update, so I cannot keep using the old driver.


      So I wonder if there is a problem with this new driver, or with my system configuration / settings, that leads to this erratic behavior. Can anyone help me with this?



      • MacBook Pro retina (late 2013) with Intel Iris Graphics 5100 (Haswell), no other graphics card.
      • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4258U CPU @ 2.40GHz
      • Physical Memory: 8100 MB



      • Operating System: Windows* 10 Pro Insider Preview (10.0.10240), which is the same as the release version of win10.
      • Windows is installed using OSX bootcamp
      • Video BIOS: 2125.0
      • Driver Version: (latest)



      • Built-in Display
      • Current Resolution: 2560 x 1600
      • Refresh rate: 60 Hz