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    Dual Band Wireless AC-7260 Bluetooth Windows 10 issues.


      I have the 7260ac with Bluetooth. It was working great in Windows 7. Once i upgraded to windows 10 blue tooth no longer worked. I've installed the newest windows 10 Proset software and drivers. The stand alone driver didnt work. It just spun in icon for about 15 seconds and stopped and no drivers updated. I had to use the full Proset software to update to the newest driver.  Using my phone as a test device, I allows me to pair, but the PC says connected and phone immediately shows disconnected after pairing.


      I attempted to do a complete fresh windows 10 install rather than upgrade because i was also having some sound issues, and after fresh install the blue tooth didn't show at all. It didn't exist in the device manager. Installing driver didn't seems to help and there was no Bluetooth tab in windows Devices setup menu anymore.


      Strangely enough when I later was doing some experimenting with a couple video cards when I exchanged them the Bluetooth suddenly appeared and all the options were back, but its doing the same thing where it pairs and windows says the phone is connected but phone says its not connected to anything on Bluetooth.


      Again it all worked fine on Windows 7 in the exact same configuration. Any suggestions?

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          I should have mentioned the Wifi part seems to be working just fine. There was an issue after the upgrade where trying to install new drivers caused it to completely fail and no longer able to take driver updates, but is working great since the clean install of windows 10.

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            I'm having issues with my AC-7260 as well.  It's working in general but causes the computer to hang and require a reboot at times when disconnecting from a network.  Always worked perfectly with 8.1.





            Windows 10 Pro

            Bios: 0348


            Intel ME


            Intel Ready Mode:

            Bluetooth: 17.1.1504.05

            Wireless: 18.11

            LAN 20.2

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              Im having Latency issues with the 7260AC in games. Insanely high ping, over 700ms and I cant play anything.. Also, skype calls drop every 5-10mins. Still waiting for intel to confirm they acknowledge there are serious issues with this card and none of the released drivers for Win10 have actually fixed these issues. $1500 laptop rendered internal wireless useless after upgrading to Windows 10.


              In 8.1, everything was really stable on driver version

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                I actually have the exact same issue. I have a Lenovo Y50 laptop with the AC 7260, was on Windows 8.1 and upgraded to 10. Now, once in a while the Bluetooth just fails and it shows up under USB devices (Code 43).


                I did find a trick that TEMPORARILY enables it again. Boot into the bios, turn off the 7260 card. When you then reboot into windows 10 you won't have wifi, but the bluetooth works again. Then reboot into your bios and re-enable the wifi. Then for a short time everything works again.


                This is clearly a driver issue on Intel's end. I have tried both the official Windows 10 drivers on the Lenovo site, as well as the generic drivers from intel.


                This is beyond frustrating, and recognition from Intel that this is a real problem and is being fixed is very much needed. They are going to look like pretty incompetent people if suddenly everyone's 7260s start failing after upgrading to Windows 10.


                Based on the views to your original post, it is pretty clear that this is not an unique situation, other are facing the issue too. 

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                  You're absolutely right about how this directly impacts Intel's image. Not to mention the latest posted drivers as of yesterday, August 10th have STILL not resolved my issue and in fact wouldn't even connect to my home network constantly resulting in "Limited Connection, Unidentified network"


                  It was not until i fiddled with adapter settings making 2.4Ghz connections as 20mhz only opposed to the "Auto" setting. This allows me to connect to my home network and browse the internet but still does not resolve massive ping spike and rubber banding issue I've dealt with now almost two weeks (since July 29th). In short, thats two weeks while my friends enjoyed online gaming with windows 10 using wired connections and others using different wireless adapters in their PC's.


                  How is the average user going to know they need to set the adapter to a 20mhz 2.4GHz connection only? If they cant even connect to their hope network they would not even be able to research the fix in a forum. Shame on you Intel. No use in saying your hardware is Windows 10 compatible when it is CLEARLY NOT.

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                    I've encountered the same problem here. I've installed the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 (Product 7260 HMW) today on my Dell X51 computer with the latest drivers ( and the wireless works great. The Bluetooth, though won't appear at all in my Device Manager List (as you can see in the picture), not even an "unknown device".




                    I've tried downloading and installing the latest Intel Bluetooth drivers (Intel® Download Center), but no luck so far.


                    Additionally I've tried enabling the Bluetooth adapter on the card itself, that also did not help.




                    Any idea's?




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                      I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, purchased less than a year ago from US. Now I am using it in Germany (and the transition to windows 10 was also downloaded from Germany). After the recent windows 10 updates my bluetooth stopped working, I have tried different drivers and different solutions. Nothing seems to help. This has happened before after moving to windows 10 but then I fixed it with driver installation. I have an Intel Dual band ac-7260 on a 64x system with driver version 17.1.1531.1764, my wireless driver version is . My graphics are also messed up, lots of screen flickers and color instabilities and a blue screen from time to time.  My driver version is I like my laptop and I want the functions on it back.

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                        I had this exact same issue on several machines.  All the machines with the problem all had the Intel 6 series /C200 series chipset.  First go into devices and printers right click the computer and select device installation settings, set it so that Windows does not update\install drivers on its own.  Then get the chipset driver from the manufacturers web site, extract it and change the compatibility of the setup executable to Windows 7 then run as admin, this will also fix the issue some have with the Bluetooth device not even showing up in device manager.  Now download and extract this driver from Dell no matter the manufacturer of the machine and install like normal Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth Driver Driver Details | Dell US.  Problem should be solved now.

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                          I have the exact same issue. Everything was working fine and around a month ago or so my Bluetooth device disappeared from my device manager. Uninstalling & Reinstalling the drivers (older or latest) have no effect at all.I don't know if this is a bug with windows 10 that was introduced on a recent update but it is highly annoying as I NEED my Bluetooth for game controller connectivity.


                          Asus Maximus VI Gene ( Z87 Chipset ) + Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-7260 Bluetooth

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                            OK so Windows did some updates yesterday (30 March 2016), and the bluetooth is now showing up again & working !
                            So what was changed ?

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                              Hi Wilk1976,


                              That answer sounds legit and I would like to try. What chipset are we talking about and where to uninstall/install again/find the correct drivers?

                              I already downloaded the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-7260 Bluetooth drives as you mentioned.


                              Thanks in advance!