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    Intel SSD 335 180GB suddenly failed


      Has this drive failed after 24 months use on dual boot Mid-2009 MacBook Pro 15". The MacBook working fine after a drive replacement with its original Hitachi hard drive. SMC reset, NVRAM/PRAM reset, RAM switch doesn't help the SSD to recover. Tried to plug in at different PCs with USB to SATA adapter, but no sign of the SSD being detected on hardware management or disk management (even with the Intel SSD Toolbox application running).



      Please help.

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          Hello rcolsm,


          It seems you already performed a lot of troubleshooting and the issue persists. There may still be a couple actions you can try, like using the drive in a desktop PC with a SATA cable, or using a different USB cable to discard all possibilities.


          If the drive is not detected in any way, then we would advise you to Contact Support, you will be able to engage your nearest support center to confirm warranty and continue working on this issue.