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    I have a DP55WB that doesn't like Radeon R9 270's.


      During startup when the Windows logo should display I get a blank screen with just a "0_" in the bottom right corner.  The PC boots to Windows normally, but I can't access safe mode options because I can't see them.  I would like to get this working before Windows 10.


      OS: Windows 7 x64
      Mother Board: DP55WB latest BIOS

      CPU: i5 750

      GPU tried:     MSI R9 270 (doesn't work)

                          Gigabyte R9 270X (doesn't work)

                          Gigabyte GTX 260 (works fine)


      There are a couple of similar issues posted around the place; but none showing as resolved or with the same hardware.  Right now I am thinking it is probably the graphics card bios that needs updating.  I have never updated a graphics card's bios before and am hesitant to try when the PC is still working.


      Any help and advice would be appreciated.