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    Intel S1200BTL Shutdown and Restart (No Video or Error Codes)


      Hi everybody!


      I have an issue with this motherboard.


      I selected EFI Boot Option, have Windows 10 installed, yesterday after a large day of work I shutdown the PC, but when i power on i see no video and hear some sound (one beep) after that simply dont show post screen, no video at all, just shutdown after few seconds and restarts then shutdown again...


      Is not problem of compatibility (I bought the server complete)


      Have installed

      Xeon E3 1230v2

      2x DDR3 4GB ECC Umbuffered 10600


      BIOS   : S1200BT.86B.01.00.0032.110720111133

      ME     : ME_02_00_09_032

      BMC    : 1.12

      FRUSDR : 1.11




      Clear CMOS

      Recovery CMOS

      BMC Force Update

      ME Force Update

      Video PCI Express

      Change DIMMs to other ports

      Disconect al periferals


      Some idea?

      Sorry for may bad english but im not very fan of google translator!