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    Won't reboot following Windows updates


      I have four of these computers in service and find the same behavior in all.  They will not boot back up following windows updates.  I have to do an OS refresh to recover the devices.  We also find that they do not readily recover from a disruption in Wifi.  We have to connect mouse and keyboard and re-point them to Wifi following a drop.Stcik crash.jpg

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          I have the same problem today. Installed updates and now will not load to bios or start. Until there is a fix please let me know how to do an OS refresh to recover the device. Appreciate any advice. Which update does it? Should I turn off automatic updates for good once, hopefully, reset?

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            I do have an open case with Intel about this and found a couple workarounds.  If you change update settings to "download and let me decide"  it's a little better.  The other potential fix is to deselect all but a small handful at a time of the updates.  Both workarounds are slow and cumbersome to do as they can't be imaged from a clone copy.


            BUT, even more annoying are the random unpredictable shutdowns or sleeps.  Yes, it's all optimized in the Windows OS BUT.

            We use this a "Dashboard" displays to monitor major systems using web pages.  This application should be a no brainer but the stick doesn't have a "Display mode" or a quick recovery mode so it doesn't reboot clean to where it was before the crash.  Ideally you would run a script that reboots the device to Internet Explorer.

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              For anyone who has tried the upgrade to Windows 10, but ran into problems and now your Compute Stick will not boot into Windows, first try this:

              1. Plug in the Stick and power it on.

              2. Press F8 during boot when you see the prompt "F8 to Activate Windows 8.1 Recovery Mode".

              3. Follow the prompts to recover the operating system.


              If this does not work and the Compute Stick is still unrecoverable, please submit a request for warranty replacement at https://servicerequestmgmt.intel.com/webticketui/emailpage.aspx?lang=en-us. You will need to provide your Stick's SA# and serial number, found on the label on the Stick.