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    Processor Diagnostics utility hangs at "Reading cache size"


      My PC has been crashing, especially when playing video in Google Chrome, but also at other times.


      I ran the Intel Process Diagnostics utility to check the processor. It hangs at "reading cache size", see below:




      The image top right is still animated, but the test never progresses.


      What could this mean?


      Thanks for any pointers!

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          Hello Adomar,


          This does not necessarily mean anything specific, it seems that the tool is waiting for information in order to test the cache but for some reason it does not get it. If there would be a problem, it would not hang; it would actually fail the test or give you some other message. You can skip the cache test and try to run the IPDT again, you can check your system BIOS to see the Cache values are correct, if not, you may need a BIOS update. The issue with the system crashing is not necessarily caused by this, it would be best for you to check the operating system logs to try to find the cause for this.

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            I have the exact same issue with videos in Chrome, and sometimes when the CPU-load spikes.

            I got this issue after buying ASUS PB287Q UHD monitor and connected it to the displayport. My resolution is 3840x2160.

            I had no problems on my older monitor when running 1080p.


            I have the Intel HD Graphics 4600 on my ASUS z97-A mainboard.


            This GPU should be capable of showing UHD content, right? I mean, I read that people even use this GPU for videogaming.

            I can't imagine that would work on my computer.


            Anyway.. My computer passed this Processor Diagnostic Tool-test, so I'm in the dark here. Any solutions?


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              Like you said this does not necessarily mean anything specific


              We would suggest you to run the resmon.exe command within windows and monitor how many processor cores are showing. Furthermore, you can also open the windows task manager and select the performance tab to see how many cores are being detected.


              Also leaving resmon open go to control panel>system>windows experience Index and click on Re-run the assessment. While running this go back to resource monitor and check how many cores are working.


              One again it shouldn't be any issue that you can concern about