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    Issues / Questions On Scaling On My Windows 10 Optimus-Enabled Laptop (HD 4600 + GTX 770M)


      Hey all.


      (ATTACHED IS MY DxDiag.txt file)


      Here's a rundown of my issues regarding scaling applications on my Optimus laptop after updating to Windows 10. I have Intel HD Graphics 4600 and an NVidia GTX 770M running in Optimus.


      The Optimus feature, of choosing which GPU to run applications on, works absolutely fine and how it did before the upgrade. However.....


      Prior to upgrading anything, I was on Windows 8.1 with everything working just hunky-dory. Now, however, after I've upgraded to Windows 10, I've found a few various issues I need to get sorted. On Windows 8.1, I was able to play a game (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) at a 4:3 resolution on my full 16:9 (1920x1080) laptop screen. The resolution was 1024x768 "stretched" as we call it, so I didn't have the black bars on either side of the screen. This also meant I could keep my desktop resolution at 1920x1080. The reason I played at this resolution is simply preference, I'm not limited by hardware. Originally, if I recall correctly, I had accomplished this "stretching" by altering my scaling settings in my NVidia Control Panel.


      Now after I've upgraded to Windows 10, the options I used to scale are no longer visible in the NVidia Control Panel. This is where I become confused as to whether or not this is an Intel issue, and as such I am posting this issue both here and in the NVidia forums. (Where a LOT of other people are having the same issue.)


      OK, so nothing is showing in the NVidia C.P, let's hop into Intel's, maybe something's changed for who-handles-what. In the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, I see the option(s) for "Scaling," though at my native res I'm unable to see any option besides "Maintain Display Scaling." If I change my res to something lower than my native, I can change the scaling. So, I COULD TECHNICALLY change my resolution on my desktop to 1024x768 and then put it onto "Scale full screen," but this is a nuisance and before upgrading to Windows 10, I was able to keep my desktop res at 1080p.


      First question: Why is this option locked at my native res? Is it supposed to be? I'm on the latest Intel HD Graphics driver:




      And I'm on the latest NVidia driver, in which the control panel shows merely this:





      Screenshot of in-game settings window, which shows that I have 1024x768 although you should be able to tell that this is "black bars" and not full screen 1024x768.




      So guys, what am I going to have to do to have my game properly play at fullscreen 1024x768 WITHOUT having to change my desktop resolution?


      I'd assume I may have to wait for driver updates from NVidia or Intel, but I wanted to ask everywhere to see how many other people are having issues as well as to see if I can point out a bug to anyone.


      Thanks very much!