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    VLC compatibility?




      I have a GUI I programmed with python which plays video through VLC Python bindings. I want to export this GUI to a development board. Initially I thought about the Raspberry Pi 2 or Odroid boards (Odroid XU4 for example), but I found out that VLC is not very compatible with ARM so VLC wouldn't be able to use the hardware in order to decode the video fast enough. In other words, development boards with ARM Processors are not able to decode and play video through VLC.


      My question is, since the Galileo Gen 2 has a Intel® QuarkSoC X1000, which is based off of the x86 ISA, will I be able to run VLC on this board efficiently? I am planning on playing 4 to 6 720p and 1080p H264 videos at a time (VLC supports H264). I have tested my GUI on other x86 machines and it works perfectly fine. But whenever I try it on ARM machines, it freezes and has a lot of issues.


      Thank you!