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    Pins toggling on shutdown -r and fire hazards




      I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for the problem discussed here:

      Edison I/O pin toggling on shutdown or shutdown -r


      Due to my application, this pin being on for too long is a genuine fire hazard, so I'd hoping to find a good explanation as to which pins toggle on startup and why. I'm seeing different pins toggle on startup than the ones reported in the above (I'm only see pin 4 four go high for ~1 min, this allows a bunch of current to flow through my attached circuit).

      I believe that the toggling pin has to do with which pins are used by my scripts - I only seem to have issues with pin 4 when i use it with MRAA in my code. Presently I've switched to pins 7 and 8, and have not seen these pins toggle on startup, but I would really appreciate a deeper explanation than just "use different pins".