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    Virtual disk drive - offline




      Please, we need urgent assistant.

      We have and intel raid modul SROMBASASMR which handle our disk.


      Today we lost connection with our share, and in the Raid controller admin gui i see message:Virtual Drive Offline. Sorry but i'm not a technical guy, so i just write briefly what i see now. I really need your help, please.

      (we try to contact with the supplier, but we have no answer yet..)


      - We have 7 phisycal disk on controller.

      - RAID 5

      - see 6-7-8-10 SLOT ok

      - SLOT 11 FAILED

      - Slot 12 Global Hot Spare

      - Slot 11 Foreign - Unconfigured BAD


      - If i blinking the Virtual Disk i see disk blinking except Hot spare disk and the Unconfigured Bad disk


      What should we do now? Please, our company's life on this disk and there is not backup from this


      Thank you!