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    What is the Fastest Socket 478 CPU


      What is the fastest socket 478 CPU and how do I recognize it from simular CPUs?  A friend of mine has a AsRock P4VM900 sata2 mobo.


      I just about got him hooked on "The Build".  I gave him a vagly working pc then had him change the mobo to the forsaid one.  Next is the CPU upgrade which I am working on getting the information ready for him. The next upgrade is the catch, a PSU of about 450 to 700 watts which will can be for the next rig, an I5 or I7.  For now he do needs something good enough to surf and use till he can save up some money

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          It's a P4 3.4GHz Prescott if I remember correctly.


          The CPU would have marking stamped into the top saying something like "3.4GHZ/1M/800/1.25V"

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            I kinda got that much but I am looking for a more refined answer.  Which specific P4 3.4GHz Prescot with a 1MB L2 cash?  I found more than one model number for that discription.  I made that mistake when buying my I7 920, I went for the vague discription and now I got a CO, I latter learned that not only do one want DO but they should make sure if they can get a their 1366 I7 920 from specific batches as they overclock better.  These P4s have been out for quite some time and so should be more understood.

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              I see what you are asking. I have done the same. I run a prescott 3.4e with d0 stepping. If I am not mistaken there is an even later version that dropped volts, because of the 130w+ twd (very hot). The d0 is as new as it gets for the fastest one, the volt droppers aren't...and it is a hot one. can't stand the heat..go get the later revision.

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                Hi there,


                The 478 socket processors are mostly Pentium 4 processors, however there are also some Pentium 4 Extreme Processors which are for 478 socket.


                From this link I think the fastest socket 478 processor will be the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Processor


                Moreover, each model of processors will be have a specific unique number. If you want to determine which processor you have you just need to find the SL number and find the details of that processor on the processor Specfinder . The SL number will be found either on the box of the processor or on the processor metal surface. There is no other way to determine the exact stepping of the processor without using the SL number. Eg of SL number is SL7CH.


                Hope this will be useful to you.



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                  I think I found my answer, it seems that the fastest 478 was a P4 Extreem 3.4GHz with 2MB L3 Cache, MO stepping, 0.13 micron. BX80532PG3400F - RK80532PG0962M (SL7CH).  It's far to rare and would cost more than an X58 975.  After that there are a few listed below of which I cannot tell which is better.  A few have different stepping but the same box number, confusing


                  sSpec#CPU SpeedProcessor #CoresBus SpeedMfg TechSteppingCache SizePackagePCG/FMB
                  SL7KD3.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmE01 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL7PP3.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmE01 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL7E63.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmD01 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL7AJ3.40E GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmC01 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL7B93.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmC01 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL8K43.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmG11 MB478 pinN/A
                  SL88L3.40 GHzN/A1800 MHz90 nmE01 MB478 pinN/A


                  SL7KD  Box# BX80546PG400E      OEM#    B80546PG0961M  Stepping   EO

                  SLPP    Box#                               OEM#  RK80546PG0961M  Stepping    EO

                  SL7E6   Box# BX80546PG3400E    OEM#  RK80546PG0961M  Stepping    DO

                  SL7AJ   Box# BX80546PG3400E   OEM#                                Stepping    CO

                  SL7B9   Box# BX80546PG3400E   OEM#                                Stepping     CO

                  SL8K4   Box# BX80546PG3400E   OEM#  NE80546PG0961M  Stepping     G1

                  SL88L   Box# BX80546PG3400E   OEM#  B80546PG0961M    Stepping     EO

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                    Hi there,


                    Actually from the list you have provided, they are all almost the same. Some with different revisions/stepping.

                    If a processor have a different stepping, for example, E0 and M0, it does not mean that the M0 is better than the E0 stepping.

                    Processors have different stepping, based on their manufacturing, or any changes made during the manufacturing process.


                    Concering the different box number, this is generally for administration use, especially they will have more meaning for resellers and distributors.


                    Point to note is that any processor which is boxed is available to the consumers. However those who are classified as tray or OEM are only available to system manufacturers and OEMs. Tray processors do not have any warranty. Warranty is provided by the OEM themselves.


                    Hope this is helpful to you.



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                      I have 3.20GHz cpu, 478 socket, using on on Asus P4P800 E Delux, I was wondering if anyone knows if I can use this cpu on any other motherboards or has to be a 478 socket?