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    NUC5CPYH choppy youtube playback




      Hope I'm posting this in the right section..


      I have just purchased a NUC5C9YH for the purpose of a htpc. Problem is when I try to watch youtube the cpu sits at 100% making the video playback choppy. It also makes the rest of the system slow to respond (to close the tab etc)


      So far I have tried


      With Windows 10

      Google chrome after a fresh install with no extensions running etc. Hardware acceleration on/off

      Microsoft edge

      And Firefox.

      All browsers have the same issue.


      With Windows 8.1

      Chrome still has issue

      Internet explorer seemed to work ok. But I had no intentions of sticking with 8.1 or IE.


      If it matters the Nuc has 8gb ddr3 and a intel 60gb ssd


      Any help appreciated! Nuc works perfectly apart from this problem.