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    Edison wont load as a USB drive, cant login using password


      I was working on my Intel Edison and it was working fine until I installed the python modules given by AlexT (His repos are great, apparently I might have made some mistake).


      1. Now Edison wont show up as a USB drive

      2. Failures During Startup -

      [FAILED]      to start load Kernal Modules


      [FAILED] Failed to start Console System Startup Logging.

      See 'systemctl status console-kit-log-system-start.service' for details.

      [  *** ] A start job is running for sys-subsystem-net-devices...25s / 1min 30s)


      3. Even if it gets to the login part, when I type in my username and password it just prompts for the user name again

      If I type in the wrong password, it would say login incorrect.


      Tried run do_ota at boot but to no avail.


      Is there anyways I can get my Edison to factory condition.



      Sanju Mathew