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    Strong issues on Windows 10


      Hey there,

      since i upgraded to Windows 10 i got really heavy issues with the Driver for HD Graphics 4000 (Dual Display, Laptop and Monitor).

      I mostly can not click on settings or on button or Website Windows. I can see that the pointer is hoovering the button but left and right clicks are sometimes impossible. The only workarround i currently have is to get Back to the Desktop .. hit ALT- STRG - ENTF, hit ESC Button, and do a leftclick on the Taskbar to start the Taskmanager and close it again, after that i can click on everything as normal for the next 4-5 Minutes. So i tried to to record this Bug with a screen recorder and finaly found that there is something wrong with the delivered screen resolution and that (i think so) is causing that clicks are going nowhere. My Screen settings are 1600* 900 Wide, but within Software Detection  my settings seems to be really much smaller than they actually are.