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    Is Intel going to make RST drivers for Z77 chipsets for Windows 10?


      I just bought my motherboard Jan 2013 when my CPU was the best in its class.   I tried installing Intel RST that came with my motherboard but it's only for Windows 7, that version had errors in Windows 10 and mouse input lag, some versions don't seem to have as much input lag, why would that be?


      I also downloaded the latest version that says it supports 7 series chipsets but it did not even install because it said it was the wrong one.

      I prefer Intel RST for the noticable speed increase and Raid 0 so it'd be much appreciated. If you guys don't update the driver then many users will have to  go back to an older OS like windows 7 or Windows  8.1 just to use Raid 0 and get the full speed from Sata 3.

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          I have just downloaded the latest RST version 14 I think it said because I am just about to test Windows 10 on a spare drive and have been looking for drivers for it, I have RST 12.9 installed on my Windows 7 installation but the latest version after that won't install as I get the same message as you "Platform not supported" I am using the Z68 chipset with i7 2600k CPU I'll be seriously annoyed if even that chipset is not supported for Windows 10 because I have no plans in upgrading for another few months till the next line of Intel CPU's arrive at least.

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            Hello Aerolith,


            As a matter of fact we recently released Intel® Rapid Storage Technology version to work with Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit on motherboards based on Intel Chipsets with RAID capabilities (so far the only version for Windows 10). You can download it using the following link:



            Uninstall first the previous version before installing this one.


            So far we have not seen mayor problems installing or using this new version of the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology in Windows 10 and some issues we found have been corrected as stated in the release notes.


            It is really hard to tell what the problem is in your case and the only recommendation we have if this version doesn't work for you is to wait until we release a newer version to see if that works better.