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    Fresh X25-M 34nm Firmware install.


      Hello all,


           I just bought a X25-M Gen-2 160GB and I have a question about install and the TRIM firmware upgrade. I have read the issues on Windows 7 users flashing the new TRIM firmware and it making their drives unusable. If I did the Firmware install on my blank X-25M before I install the OS, would I run into the same problem? Have any users reported updating the firmware on a new blank X25-M before installing Windows 7 and having the drive go bad?


      Would everyone here just keep the old firmware, install Windows 7 and then worry about installing the new TRIM firmware down the road whenever Itel releases it with the fix? Obviously that would be the safe bet, but if the current TRIM firmware that was pulled from download would work no problem on a new drive I don't see the harm in going that route. Obviously I would need to find the Firmware from someplace other then Intel's download site since it has pulled. One last question: has Intel said how long it will take to get the TRIM firmware out with the fix in place?