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    How to enable smart response technology on this SSHD laptop ?


      first of all I have little information about laptops so excuse me for my ignorance 

      I have bought a new laptop lenovo z5070 with intel core i5 its details in the image


      I know that the SSD increases performance so I bought this laptop with SSHD but when I installed intel rapid storage I found performance tab instead of accelerate and there were no any marks of intel smart response

      I tried to change the bios mode from AHCI to RAID but only 2 options appear to me ahci and IDE(compatible )

      I want to enable smart response to get the best use of the ssd part to get the best performance

      sorry again for my ignorance

      than you all

      11793162_1197492473609766_1247202027_n.jpg     11823973_1197493690276311_554695412_n.jpg

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          Cesar Badilla



          Intel® Smart Response Technology enables users to access their most frequently accessed applications and files faster than a system with a hard disk drive alone. Intel Smart Response Technology is an ingredient of the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and it enables a system to combine the performance of a small solid state drive (SSD) and capacity of a hard disk drive (HDD) to deliver a single high performance and large capacity storage solution.


          Intel Smart Response Technology utilizes the SSD as a cache memory between the hard disk drive and system memory. This provides the advantage of having a hard disk drive (or a RAID volume) for maximum storage capacity while delivering an SSD-like overall system performance experience.


          In order to be able to activate the acceleration option for the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology the SSHD needs to be in RAID mode at the BIOS level and the SSD portion of the SSHD needs to be set to "Unallocated" Partition at the Windows level.



          Caesar B.