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    Daisy Chain Monitors Display Problem on Wake


      I have a NUC5i5RYK running windows 8.1 pro with all the latest drivers and bios 0249.  When the computer wakes up from sleep from Intel Ready Mode Technology mode, the display of one of my monitors is often garbled and flashes between the desktop and password input screen.  The way to fix it is by either turning the monitor off, then back on, or rebooting the computer.  It's very annoying.  The monitor is connected via mini DP and the other one is daisy chained via DP.  The monitors are Dell U2415 running 1920x1200.  Anyone else have issues with this?  Anybody know a fix?  I'm confident it isn't a monitor issue since the issue appears with more than one monitor.  Thanks.

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          I am not from Intel but the problem (garbled monitor flashing between the desktop and something else after wake from sleep) sounds similar to "flickering" which I and others have reported in various drivers after 4080.  My monitor is 1920x1200 but single connected to HDMI (I keep an unpowered monitor connected to mini DP).  One thread (of many) which has activity near the end is NUC NUC5i5RYH HDMI Sleep Issue

          One thing you might want to add is what graphics driver version you are using, and perhaps any other driver versions you have tried.  I have not yet tried the latest 4251 driver (the download was messed up initially and since then I've been busy with Windows 10 updates), but my best luck has been with 4222 driver although I have added my own personal workaround of Windows Control Panel-Power Options-Change Plan-Advanced-Sleep-Allow Hybrid Sleep to Off (change from the default On).