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    Proset with 5130 WiFi Link on Vista problem


      I have several Dell Latitude E6500s with the Intel 5130 WiFi Link wireless adapter, running Vista 32 bit.  I can not get them to work with the Vista WLAN Autoconfig service stopped.  In the past (WinXP), I've been able to choose between the Windows management utility (Wireless Zero config on XP) and the Intel management utility to manage connections to wireless networks.


      Does the current iteration of Proset depend on the WLAN Autoconfig service being started?


      I ask because these computers are on an Army (wired) network which has the WLAN Autoconfig service disabled by policy, and we're told to use the vendor-provided management uility rather than the MS utility when we need to use wireless while at home or on travel.


        I know the wireless adapter works OK, since if I start the WLAN Autoconfig service, wireless networks appear & I can connect without a problem.  The users of these computers are not Administrators, so they don't have the option of starting the service if it's been disabled.


      Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. I hope I"m not overlooking anything simple!