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    Win7 Win10  Webradio  Streaming problem  Buffer underrun


      Hi tech Fans,


      i have a new computer bought this year but it drives me nuts.


      It´s a PC with Mainboard: Asus H97 Pro Gamer   -  Chipset intel H97, Ethernet intel I218-V

      with  ASUS QVL Kingston DualChannel RAM


      I decided to post a video to YT, because it difficult to describe.

      Windows10 / Windows7 - Webstream (Radio) buffer underrun / interrupts - YouTube


      But here some words.

      When i listen to a webradio stream, sometimes Buffer underruns happens.

      How to reproduce it is shown in the video above.


      My guess is, that windows 7 and unfortunately also windows 10  are not optimized for multi tasking internet activity's.

      I think its a problem with different priority's..


      What you see is:

      -> my DSL connection has 2Megabit/sec max. Downstream capability

      -> i started to listen to a web stream with 128 kilobit/s in Winamp (Microsoft Mediaplayer also have that problem) and it´s okay.

      -> than i decided to use Firefox and if it´s too much traffic the webstream sound interrupts.


      In WindowsXP  i have similar conditions and i doesn´t have this bufferunderruns.


      SO - What can i do to solve this annoying problem?



      Any comments are welcome


      bye Asus H97 user