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    NUC5PPYH fan spikes to max without reason and no network in Visual BIOS




      I have installed my NUC5PPYH with OpenElec on a SATA SSD and altered the fan settings in the Visual BIOS. What happens is that randomly (every few minutes) the fan peaks to the max rpm for about 5-10 seconds and then returns to the level it should be. This behaviour is also displayed when in Visual BIOS as shown in attached screenshots. What you see there is that I set my base speed to 0% and only want the fan to go on in steps of 10% when above 65 degrees celsius. The screenshots have been taken shortly after eachother.


      The second issue is the message "Network Disconnected" in the bottom left corner of the screen when in Visual BIOS. How do I configure the network adapter? Cable is plugged in and is working when Openelec is booted (DHCP). Now I can't check for BIOS updates when in Visual BIOS.





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          I can confirm the fan issue. I have noticed it several times after a reboot. Concerning the network issue , you have to have UEFI set to on and Legacy boot off for the network to initialize.

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            First of all, I would not recommend that you run the system with the fan turned off. Remember that there is only the one fan in the system and that it is responsible for the cooling of *all* of the components making up the system. It is possible to get into situations where the processor is not heavily utilized - and thus doesn't get to the temperature range where the fan is turned on - yet other components are working and getting hot yet don't have any airflow to cool them. The result is component failure.


            PWM-controlled fans are spec'ed to operate above some specific duty cycle. Below this level, their operation is dependent upon fan type. There are three modes of operation defined in the PWM-controlled fan specification, In the first mode, the fan will run at full speed. In the second mode, the fan will continue to run at some minimum speed. Finally, in the third mode, the result is undefined (for example, once duty cycle falls below the minimum, the fan shuts off or it runs unreliably).


            I haven't looked at the fans on the latest series of NUCs, but, in previous testing (through the Haswell generation), the minimum duty cycle for the fans in use was in the neighborhood of 25%. I would recommend that you use this as your minimum duty cycle.


            Try this and let me know if the spiking goes away...