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    "Parity Error Detected" message when running  Intel Storage Console.




      I have 9new drives to install to a SC5200 server this weekend. In preparation for this, I manually ran a "Parity Verify" on a (4 drive + private hotspare) RAID 5 array drive via Intel Storage Console v2.16.6. About 50% through I received an e-mail message from the RAID Configuration Service:


      Host: TheirServer

      Time: 10/28/2009 7:35:01 PM

      Event Poll interval: 10 sec.

      1 event(s) occurred:

      Asynchronous controller event:

      Severity level: critical

      Event text: Adapter 0, Array Drive 2: parity error detected


      I've looked in the Intel Integrated RAID Software User's Guide (v1.2.4) pdf manual and web and can't find any information about how to correct (or approach correcting) this situation. Perhaps I'm missing something elementary or obvious. I realize that this 2004 software and hardware is not the latest technology, but it does run like a race horse and works 24/7.


      I will greatly appreciate any advice that you care to offer.