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    How to use the latest meta-openembedded branch


      Good day,


      related to the official documentation about building your custom yocto image (see: Intel® Edison Boards — Board Support Package (BSP) User Guide ), one should install the meta-openembedded layer for additional recipes. From the user guide:


      cd edison-src/meta-intel-edison

      git clone https://github.com/openembedded/meta-openembedded.git

      cd meta-openembedded

      git checkout daisy


      However, if you have a look into the github reposity you can easily see that the "daisy branch" is listed unter "stale branches":


      Branches · openembedded/meta-openembedded · GitHub


      Last update: 8 months ago!


      Result: Latest bufixes or additional recipes such as php are not included within the daisy-branch.


      I tried to use the "master-next" branch by using


      git checkout master-next


      However, this results in bitbake errors such as:


      ERROR: ParseError at /edison-src/meta-intel-edison/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-qt/qt-mobility/qt-mobility_1.2.0.inc:4: Could not inherit file classes/bluetooth.bbclass-


      So currently I am manually copying needed recipes from the meta-openembedded layer (master-next) to my own layer. But I do not have a good feeling about this.



      How can I use the latest meta-openembedded layer within the edison yocto bitbake process??

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          Hi IntelAnonymous,


          The steps you mentioned are the ones you need to use but instead of checking out the daisy branch you need to use dizzy-next. This is because the latest BSP sources for the Intel Edison platform are now Yocto 1.7.2 (Dizzy). Once you have cloned the layer into edison-src/meta-intel-edison you need to add this new layer into the config/bblayers.conf. Now you can add the packages you want in the Edison build in the local.conf file. I hope this helps.