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    Startup Warnings Errors regarding Battery


      I'm seeing these messages during startup.  


      Using: Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.7.2 Edison ttyMFD2



      [    2.016315] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Error reading battery profile from battid frmwrk

      [    2.034490] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery Over heat exception

      [    2.034582] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery0 temperature outside boundary



      The Edison is on a miniboard and I have both USB connectors and have PuTTY connection over the serial.   I have not battery connected.


      I did have a battery connected while attempting wifi SSH connection during another test.


      Any thoughts on this?