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    Intel HD Graphics, No support for Windows 10?


      I have an i3 M 370 @ 2.40Ghz which uses Intel HD Graphics the very first kind, I'm on 2012 drivers. In windows 7 I'm pretty sure they were 2013/2014 drivers, the issue is I'm trying to do certain things i.e. play games or watch movies or certain programs and I don't have the resolution sizes, crappy frames per second in most games and movies flicker here and there.

      I truly do love the look and design of Windows 10, I loved Windows 8, but I'm stuck on Windows 10 now because something happened to my Windows 7 backup Windows 10 created. I have my discs, the issue is my HDD is filled with stuff I need and I don't have any more external HDD's to put that stuff on. Windows 7 had great support for most of my things, the biggest issue I have on Windows 10 is my ethernet internet won't stay on and my graphics driver is heavily outdated.

      Can we get support for this or am I dead in the water? Kinda silly Windows 10 gave me the go ahead even though things don't work properly. I feel jipped cause I don't know what happened to my widows 7 backup.


      Any help?