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    Dell E6400 not getting past Matrix Manager; "No Bootable Devices..."


      Alright fellas, I think I really messed up time. Here goes....
      So I was so excited about Windows 7 that I picked up a full version of Windows 7 Pro for my  Dell E6400. Before I even cracked the plastic onthe box, I did back up both my Vista Ultimate Partition (211 GB) and my Dell Recovery Partition (2 GB) using Driveimage XML to an enclosed HDD, but left my Window 7 RC partition alone (15 GB).

      After doing so I went ahead and clean installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on the old Win 7 partition without a hitch. It booted up fine and then I loaded the chipset drivers, just has Dell recommends, I used the newest drivers DL'd from Dell.com for the Win 7 64 bit. Rebooted easily, installed the Video driver, rebooted easy. Then I installed the Newest Intel Matrix Storage application and driver. This is where I pulled a big rookie mistake. Instead of rebooting, I figured I'd fire up Partition Wizard and eliminate the RECOVERY Partition, shrink my Vista partition, and then increase the size of the fresh 7 partition. Clicked apply and allowed it to reset the cmputer to apply my partition changes. DANG IT, i forgot the Win 7 Disc was still in the drive, so I let it load the Win 7 install screen again, took the disc out, and then rebooted. Only to find that upon getting to my Intel Matrix Storage Manager it says "No Bootable Devices....etc, etc" DANG!!!! So I pop the Win 7 disc back in and boot from it, go to the recovery section and low and behold it isn't even indicating that I have any partitions. I select the "load drivers" option, (like loading old SATA drivers for XP) and find that even though the setup indicates I have no partition the explorer indicates my partitions are perfectly fine. To confirm I reboot with a bootable version of Partition Wiizard and find that it too indicates my partitions are there. So I know I screwed up the Matrix, I just don't know how (or if) I can fix it. I
      evev tried loading the drivers at the recovery boot screen from my USB stick and had no go. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE, I'VE BEEN TOOKNG WITH THIS FOR OVER FOUR HOURS NOW AND I'M STUCK!!!! I have worn myself out on google and have not found any similar situation.

      Here's a pic of the gawd awful screen I have now come to HATE!!