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    Pink lines during ICH9R initialization after updating firmware !


      Hello, I've got a Intel X25M G2 80G ssd. I've applied the 02HA firmware on monday the 26th. I was lucky because everything went fine and is still fine. But I've noticed a strange thing : during the P.O.S.T of my motherboard, some lines are now pink on the ICH9R section ! Just see here :


      Without any ssd connected : http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y67/oplichta/WithoutSSD.jpg

      When my X25M is connected  : http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y67/oplichta/WithSSD.jpg


      When I had the previous firmware, I never had such a curious thing ! I think it's really an issue with the 02HA firmware because when I deconnect my ssd, I have no pink lines ... When it reconnect it, pink lines come again ...


      I have a Gigabyte P35DS3R rev 2.0 motherboard, and my ICH9R is set to "RAID" (I use a 2 HDD  raid-1 configuration).


      Otherwise, everything is going well !!! Just these pink lines ...