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    Intel HD4600 HDMI sound problem in Games at Win10




      Two days ago I upgraded my laptops windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro. My hardware is

      -Intel I7 4720hq

      -Intel HD 4600(driver:15404)

      -Nvidia GTX960M (driver353.62)

      -8GB ram

      Also I installed ME_Win10_1.5M_11.0.0.1158 dirver to my computer.


      now i have a problem with sound probably because of Intel HD4600 driver. (I downloaded latest Nvidia, Intel HD 4600, Intel MEI drivers also I tried with old drivers which are belongs to win 8.1)


      First of all I didn't experiencing that problem at Windows 8.1;

      Usually I connect my laptop to tv(Samsung 40ES7000) via hdmi. When I connect to tv everything is working fine, Display and audio works fine but when I launch a game(I tried a few different games) sound stops working.  When I quit the game audio is still not working and I'm checking it on youtube and the video plays slowly not fluently and there is no sound. I change my sound settings in Sound Mixer hdmi to speaker. Video fluent going to be normal the sounds starts to play on my laptop speakers I am changin setting again speaker to hdmi. The sound starts to play on my tv but when I try to launch a game the sounds are stop again. I tried to disable my nvidia card and try to launch a game again and there is still the same problem the sounds are gone. I tried to install old drivers which are belongs to Windows 8.1 but the intel driver install software didn't  allowed to me. I hope my write is clear enough. Please fix this immediately on the next driver or Please suggest me some solution...


      Thank You...