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    Intel D34010WYK not handling Ethernet properly during Windows 10 boot?


      I've got a 34010 NUC that won't quite boot properly with a wired Ethernet connection while running Windows 10.


      There's something "not right" about how the driver for the built-in wired network is making it's connections.  This machine has been using the same hardware setup for quite a while.  It was only recently that it started not properly establishing a network connection.  The symptom is it won't get a DHCP lease.  But configuring it with a static address doesn't help either.  That also fails.


      What seems to solve the problem is to physically disconnect the connection from the NUC, wait 10 seconds or so, and then plug it back in again.


      What's changed has been the installation of Windows 10 on it.  I've run the Intel driver updater and it's reporting the 20.1 Ethernet driver.


      Anyone else run into this kind of problem?