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    SR-IOV multiqueue support with ixgbe/ixgbevf drivers




      I have Intel 82599 10Gb NIC which supports SR-IOV function. PF driver is v4.0.3, compiled with CFLAGS_EXTRA="-DIXGBE_ENABLE_VF_MQ" option. VF driver is v2.16.1 (both in host and guest machines). OS is SLES12 with 3.12.43 kernel. SR-IOV is fully set up, VFs are assigned to VMs and everything is working fine.


      However, I've noticed that there are maximum of 4 TxRx queue pairs in host machine and only 2 TxRx queue pairs in VM guest machines, not matter which options are used while loading ixgbe driver. To me, this is a limiting factor when scaling VMs - assigning additional CPU cores does little if apps use a lot of network I/O and everything is handled by 2 cores...


      Is this definitive limitation of ixgbe/ixgbevf drivers? Can number of queues be increased?