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    Intel HD 4000 - Windows 10 Driver


      When will the windows 10 driver for HD 4000 cpus be released? currently I can only find a BETA driver for the HD 4000.




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          I would really appreciate if some one could shed some light on my issue here.

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            yes and i using intel hd 4000 . And i update driver but he is so bad ... in game resolution is no streching and have more bug. Intel need to update this driver

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              I must say,this customer support/service is really disappointing. its been days and I still haven't got an answer for my query. again I am requesting someone to please shed some light on my query.

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                Can you guys help me out with something? It could related to these beta drivers. These are the only driver available for windows 10 pro x64. The multitasking snap function is inconsistent for me. The detail explanation is here Windows 10 multitasking snap system borked - Microsoft Community


                Basically I want you guys to open something other than Microsoft Edge or file explorer and Snap it to one side then log off. It should save and restore the size and position you left it in. I used firefox. It has to restore a window snapped to the edge when you open it. If it doesn't try a different app and log off and on until you do. Once an app restores a window snapped to edge try to snap it away from the edge. I had Firefox restores it snap to the right side. I try snap it left but it doesn't work.


                I found it could start near the edge but not flushed. I want you to vertical snap and expand more half the screen and flush to the edge. Try to snap it back to the edge. What happens? It should snap back half the screen. For me it just undo the vertical snap. I use my browser taking a bit more than half the screen. I use it like this because I restore it back without having to drag it. This worked perfectly on windows 8.1. I made new account and work normally but then it'll break like what I described here.


                I'm stump on this. I sfc for corrupted files but that turn up clear. I can't imagine Microsoft releasing it broken like this. If it's bug on the HD4000 driver you guys should be able to replicate this. Nuking windows 10 take a while. I hope you guys can help out and try it. It shouldn't take more than a few mins.

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                  Thank you for reporting this information. Windows 10 is a very new Operating System therefore there will be software and hardware issues but we are working towards a solution for all of them.


                  At this point, I would like you to try the following:

                  1. Download /install the latest driver for Windows 10:


                  1. Update the BIOS in your board provide by the Computer Manufacture.
                  2. Run all Windows updates as much as possible.


                  If issue persists, you can post your issue along with all the information required here: