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    Intel HD Control Panel no Triple Buffering


      I play many games, and so many don't have native triple buffering. D3DOverrider used to fix this, but on Win10, there's no fix. Double Buffering really degrades performance and no vsync looks absolutely horrid. The control panel for old cards used to offer it but you took it away with HD graphics.


      You mention the benefits here: Graphics Drivers — Advantages of Using Triple Buffering in 3D Games

      But here you only show how to do it with old cards that would probably play games at 2 fps anyway: Graphics Drivers — How to Access OpenGL* and DirectX* 3D Graphic Settings


      This is a large issue for any gamer that uses your cards, for example Black Mesa, an otherwise a really good looking game, but timing issues caused by double buffering is unbearable. Please fix this.