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    Windows 10 - refresh rate


      Hi all,


      I have a laptop (a HP G1 850, with Intel HD Graphics 4400) which generally works fine, but because I had a slight issue with screen flickering, I adjusted the refresh rate to 40p hz when I was still using Windows 8.


      After updating to Windows 10 and installing the Intel Windows 10-driver, I can no longer adjust the refresh rate to anything other than 60p hz. It isn't shown as a possiblity in the Windows settings, and if I try to create a manual setting through the Intel Graphics Control Panel, I get the  'exceeds the maximum bandwith' notification.


      Is there a way to get a 40p hz setting (besides going back to Windows 8)?


      Thank you in advance for you reply.

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          Laptops usually have fixed parameters that cannot be modified by the user. In regards of display settings the different options for screen resolution, color, and refresh rate are set from factory and most of the time they are limited due to the nature of the LCD panel.

          When you install the correct driver from the computer manufacturer it shows the supported options and the LCD won’t handle anything else. Once again, this is pre-defined by the manufacturer and the driver is programmed to support that only.


          It is possible that after you installed the driver for Windows 10 the Graphics Controller detected that for the new features included in the new driver 60Hz was the minimum refresh rate. The display capabilities are detected automatically by the driver and it is not recommended to try any other option out of the ones listed to prevent problems.


          Now, it is important to have in mind that using drivers from the Intel website not necessarily will work properly as branded computers are custom products that have proprietary designs and therefore they need proprietary drivers as well.


          The best recommendation we can give you is to make sure you are using the latest driver for your laptop to work with Windows 10 available from the Hewlett-Packard web site.


          You can try our driver but if the problem persists I would say this is a compatibility problem.


          Here is the link for driver version (latest) from our site in case you want to try it: