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    Integrated Graphics Problems


      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently running on a Pentium Dual-Core CPUE5400 on a Acer Aspire X1800

      Yesterday, I upgraded my pc to windows 10. The get windows 10 app told me that I had to get rid of Media Center but for the rest, everything was  compatible.

      The install went seamlessly. everything was great until I got in windows. It was not at max resolution and the colors were ugly.

      My first reflex was to change my screen my screen resolution but my resolution was not there and my samsung monitor was regonized as a Non Generic PnP Monitor.

      So then I checked in device manager to see that the display adapter was Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

      I tried directly updating the driver, no luck. Tried via windows update, nothing.

      My next step was to head to the intel download center ang I got the drivers for windows 10.

      Whem I tried installing them, I was told that, This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

      I aslo tried redownloading it.


      To recap, im stuck with a 4:3 resolution with ugly high contrast colors.


      Thanks in advance

      (sorry for any typos, the letters are barley visible with the high contrast)