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    Raid 5 degraded - recovery options


      I hope somebody could help me here, I do apologize - my knowledge about storage and raid in particular is close to 0. I got server with raid 5 (RST) in degraded state (3X2TB). The server is not booting up although the OS is on separated SSD. I am not sure if any of the drives has failed as all three are listed although the third one's type is "Non-RAID disk" and it size is only 3.8 GB. The other two are members with volume ID 0.

      I am basically not interested in recovering the RAID array per se , I need to know if it is possible to fetch the data from the disk.

      Now there are recovery volume options:

      - Enable Only Recovery Disk

      - Enable only Mater Disk


      And also there is an option to reset to non-raid

      I found few posts from people facing similar issues but they were trying to rebuild the array after replacing filed disk.

      Is it possible to get the data somehow using any of the "recovery volume options" ?