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    Timer Interrupt in Intel Edison for Pulse Sensor


      I have been trying to use Intel Edison with a Pulse sensor (http://pulsesensor.com/products/pulse-sensor-amped). I have seen examples of the same with Arduino Uno. It uses a timer function for Arduino using Atmega328 and 16MHz clock. The specs for the edison are different. So what will be the changes for my intel edison. Kindly guide.

      The code for Arduino Uno that deals with the interrupt part is:

      void interruptSetup()
      { TCCR2A = 0x02; 
      TCCR2B = 0x06; 
      OCR2A = 0x7C; 
      TIMSK2 = 0x02; 
      sei(); } 

      This gives an interrupt in every 2ms.