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    Issues creating custom resolution since Windows 10 (Timing Standard option missing)- Intel HD 5000 on Surface Pro 3


      Hi all,


      I have a Surface Pro 3 with Intel HD 5000 and a Dell P2715Q external 4K monitor. I have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (full release, not beta).


      In order to use 4K resolution (3640x2160 @ 50Hz) in Windows 8.1, I previously had to install the stock Intel driver (overwriting the Microsoft provided driver for the Surface Pro 3) for the graphics card to allow me to access the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel and to create a Custom Resolution as per the instructions in this guide from the Dell forums:


      A custom resolution is required to make this monitor work at 4k.

      1. Right-click on the desktop -> Graphics Properties (Intel)
      2. Display
      3. Click on "Display" by the back arrow and select "Custom Resolutions"
      4. Select Display : DELL P2715Q
      5. If the "Custom Resolutions List" is empty, add the following resolution:
      6. 3840 x 2160, 32 Bit, 50p Hz, Timing Standard CVT-RB
      • Go to the normal Windows Screen Resolution dialog (Right Click on Desktop -> Screen resolution)
      • Select the Dell monitor
      • Click "Advanced settings"
      • Go to the "Monitor Tab"
      • Uncheck "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display"
      • You should now be able to select the 50Hz 4k resolution and apply it.  Windows will remember these settings, so you shouldn't have to do this again.


      This approach worked just fine in Windows 8. However since upgrading to Windows 10, I have lost the Custom Resolution (and also needed to reinstall the latest Intel HD 5000 Graphics driver Version: for Windows 10 to regain the Intel Graphics Control Panel).


      Now when I launch the Intel Graphics Control Panel on Windows 10 and navigate to Custom Resolutions for the external Dell monitor, I only see the Width, Height, Refresh Rate and Underscan Percentage options. The option for Timing Standard is no longer visible (however the Help still suggests it should be there!). Without the Timing Standard option being changeable I cannot set a working custom resolution.


      Trying to set 3640 x 2160 @ 50Hz results in the error "The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity" as seen below. I believe this is occurring because I can no longer change the Timing Option from the default value (notice the absence of an option for this in the Windows 10 control panel version GUI)??


      I look forward to receiving your thoughts. Please help me get my custom 4K resolution back!!