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    Windows 7 support for 5100 chipset


      Are there any plans for Windows 7 support for the 5100 series chipset?  I am running dual quad-core Xeons (E5410 Harpertowns) on a Tyan S5375 motherboard.  I just upgraded to Windows 7, and I now only have support for 1 of my processors (even though both are recognized in the device manager and the BIOS.)  I'd rather not invest $400 in a new motherboard, but I really need that extra processing power.

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          Hi there,


          Currently if you are speaking about Intel server boards, the only Intel server board that supports windows 7 is the S5520SC workstation board. No other Intel server boards supports windows 7. The S5520SC has the Intel 5520 Chipset, however other intel server board also having this 5520 Chipset do not support windows 7.


          For your case, I would suggest you to check with the manufacturer of your board for information about operating system support. It does note entirely depends on the chipset for operating system support. Even if there is an intel chipset on the board, it does not mean the drivers from Intel will work on the board. Best is to contact the board manufacturer for OS support.


          Hope this will be useful to you.



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            Is there any kind of a workaround?  Like hacking another driver.  I only ask because the motherboard company was the one that suggested I look around intel's site for updates.

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              Any suggestions for a new motherboard that will run both processors on my W7 system?