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    Intel GMA 3150 Win 7 v8... - display stretched


      I have a recent problem on Dell Inspiron Duo 1090, not linked to updates as far as I am aware.


      Display is stretched - I think it should be 1280x960, but can't select higher than 1024x768.


      In Control Panel > Display, there are now only 2 resolutions available: 1024x768 and 800x600. Changing to/from either brings up a message that "If your resolution is below 1280x960 some items may not fit on the screen".


      CP>D>Advance Settings > List All Modes gives a range of nn-bit Colour settings for the resolutions given, AND for resolution 640x480 although this is not available in CP>Display.


      CP>D>Advanced Settings > Adapter Type Properties gives the device description as VGAsave - surely this can't be right??? There's lots of <unavailable> and <n/a> under adapter information.


      With immense difficulty since most of the buttons were off the screen, I downloaded and used Intel Driver Update Utility, which told me that IGMA 3150 v15.... was the right driver. Downoaded and installed, but my newly-installed driver is v8..., not v15...??? And no change to the stretching on the monitor.


      I've also tried setres utility at h1280 v960, which responds "Display mode requested and Windows replied ... the graphics mode is not supported".


      I've had a look at the registry keys, but frankly, no idea what I should look for. I can't see any way of changing resolution, although some websites say I should be able to find some way of doing it in HKLM ... CurrentControlSet>Video