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    Intel HD Graphics 4600 problems on new Driver on Windows 10!



      I have a laptop Asus K450JF with a graphic Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M.

      You never gave me any trouble on Windows 8.1. Now I installed Windows 10 and installed the latest driver from intel. But now I have graphics problems. In my laptop monitor it gets with colors reversed and shaking.

      If you connect an external monitor to my laptop computer VGA port, it works well and the colors are good. Only happens on own laptop monitor.

      I have done downgrade to 8.1 and to install the drivers it works fine , and then I went back to format my laptop  and go to the Windows 10 and the problem reappears.

      In attached the print-1 show the image between the external monitor and the monitor of my laptop computer. The above is the external monitor with accurate color, the lower the native Laptop with colors reversed.




      Attached sending the Registration dxdiag, the report record of own drivers Intel, an image to demonstrate the results and a video filming the screen of my laptop.

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