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    Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?


      My DE3815TYKE was recently updated to v44 :TY0044.BIO









      Same file in  TYBYT10H.86A.0044.BI.ZIP http://downloadmirror.intel.com/25040/eng/TYBYT10H.86A.0044.BI.ZIP




      And It boots fine, VisualBios displays : "Ver: 0ACCT014"


      *But* then fail to load my GNU/Linux OS (Ethernet and keyboard not working) ...


      More details on demand


      I reported the problem at :




      (normaly you should not be able to view it, but in case of I shared the reference)


      I havent downgraded yet but wait for confirmation first ...

      Because DE3815TYKHE reported serious issues :

      Re: DE3815TYKE - not turning on , after bios downgrade



      Tell me if it's safe to downgrade to v24 to support headless usage :







      Questions :


      Which BIOS version to install on #DE3815TYKHE ?


      Does the BIOS download feature used to work on that model too ?


      Do you know other black magic procedures for NUC ?


      Other hints :


      From https://communities.intel.com/inbox?objectType=2&objectID=218772 "Try unplugging the NUC from the power outlet approx. 5 minutes, then power it back, then press the power bottom for 10seconds."







      More to come in this thread or maybe I should create a knowledge base's article somewhere ?

        • 1. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

          I finally downgraded from 44 to 43


          2a45c5412e94c50185ce0cfdad7489024c61f977ca7edb011a111b070ca9d4cd TY0043.BIO




          There was an error message in the end suggesting about enabling or disabling fast boot ... and now usb boot , keyboard and ether are working again ...


          I havent tested much , I'll wait TY0044.BIO ... and expect those 3 improvements :


          - text only mode BIOS

          - headless mode

          - GPU reliability


          Now, Here are some hints in French from CS :





          Veuillez effacer CMOS:








          Merci de mettre a jour la version du BIOS avec la methode recovery



          (comme expliqué a la page 2 et 3 du document suivant):











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            Somewhat the same symptom here, but different end result. Brand new NUC, it was on BIOS 0019. After flashing to 0044 it would no longer boot Linux from the eMMC, it was unable to find the filesystems. The only other BIOS I was able to get onto it was 0041, and I had to do that via recovery with the jumper off, it does seem to be functional again. However now I cannot update it to 0043 or 0044 via any method.

            • 3. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?


              Let me know if you verified after the BIOS update, if the 4GB eMMC option is enable in the BIOS setup:
              Devices and Peripherals>OnboardDevices>Onboard Device Configuration> 4GB eMMc Built-in Storage


              Also, please check the OS selection.
              Boot>Boot Configuration>UEFI BOOT>OS selection


              I created a lab using the latest BIOS version 0044 and Debian 8, no issues.


              In regards to remote access; please follow the steps below:
              Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Remote Access to Intel® NUCs


              Mike C

              • 4. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                I received a warranty replacement NUC today. Same as my original, the board is marked AA H26998-401, chassis marked SA H27002-400. Mike I have to wonder if you are testing with this same hardware, as the behavior certainly is different.


                The replacement unit which arrived with BIOS 0019 at least now allows me to flash back and forth between 0043 and 0044, which has allowed me to collect more info.


                The OS I have been running on this system is Openmediavault 2.1, which is based on Debian 7. Just like my original unit, I can have a fully functional system, flash it to 0044 and it will now fail to boot due to being unable to locate the eMMC as seen in the attached photo. Also although the keyboard is functional in BIOS and GRUB, once the kernel has attempted to boot, the keyboard is now nonfunctional. Booting to the installation CD in 0044 also results in a loss of keyboard functionality after the bootloader, so an install couldn't even be done there. Flashing back to 0043 returns the system to proper behavior. Yes, the eMMC has been enabled and the OS has been set to Linux in the BIOS throughout all of my testing.



                I then did an installation of Debian 8.2 while using 0043. After flashing to 0044, this OS did boot to a login prompt, however the keyboard was nonfunctional. Also booting to the installation CD resulted in no keyboard functionality after the bootloader. Returning to 0043 restored keyboard functionality.


                Some further experimentation:


                Booting a Windows 10 DVD without changing any of the BIOS settings from what they are for Linux, also results in no keyboard with 0044, but a functional keyboard with 0043.


                The previous Debian 82 installation with BIOS 0044, change the BIOS settings to Windows 8.x with the eMMC enabled, and not only does it boot to a login prompt, but the keyboard now works.


                I think all of this takes Linux out of the picture and shows that it isn't really a Linux problem, but a BIOS 0044 problem, WHEN it is configured for Linux.


                Considering how multiple customers in multiple threads on here are reporting systems which will not boot and/or will not respond to keyboard input, I would think this would be considered a severity one defect and this BIOS update would be pulled from the website so that other customers do not experience this downtime.



                Next issue, headless boot. This is not the first time I've seen a response from Intel linking to info about OS drivers and "remote access". This is not the concern, at all. The concern can't possibly have anything to do with the OS. If a monitor is not attached, the system flat out will not complete POST. Now, I can attach one, and as soon as "Intel NUC" flashes on the screen I can yank the cable out and the system will go on and boot the OS as normal. But if no monitor cable is attached, whether it is a warm or a cold boot, the system will not complete POST, so it never makes any attempt whatsoever to boot the OS. This is also a serious product defect.


                If I can provide any further info just let me know.

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                  Hi KDD,


                  In regards the issue with the keyboard and mouse (not recognized), get into the BIOS and disable XHCI mode. Advanced>Devices and Peripherals>USB>USB Configuration. Legacy Boot Priority needs to be enable.


                  Devices with USB2.0 will be recognized properly. Please use the USB ports from the back panel.


                  In regards headless issue, as a workaround keep plugged the video cable to the NUC and unplug the cable from the monitor and try to get into the NUC remotely.


                  Mike C

                  • 6. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                    I have only had legacy boot enabled all along. Yes, if XHCI is disabled I do have keyboard functionality with BIOS 0044. Loss of USB 3.0 would not be acceptable though.


                    Plugging in just a video cable does nothing to get the system to boot without a monitor.

                    • 7. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                      Hi KDD,


                      The front panel USB port will work at USB3.0 if you have enable UEFI boot only. The troubleshooting above works while you are installing the operating system; after installing the operating system and drivers it is possible to enable XHCI.


                      In regards to remote access, please provide me with the name and version of the remote access software that you are using.


                      Mike C

                      • 8. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                        Mike, the asking about remote access software repeatedly is getting old. It doesn't matter what I am using when the system won't boot, in fact it doesn't even matter what operating system. I want the system to boot up with no monitor attached, and it won't even complete POST to attempt that.

                        • 9. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                          And as for the all the try this, try that steps being given to get me to change some BIOS settings, it seems to be repeatedly overlooked that booting some OS, and keyboard in what appears to be all OS were just fine, until 0044. That BIOS release broke things that weren't broken before. I'm not looking for something I can change in order to work around 0044's shortcomings, I want everything working again, like it did in 0043 and prior.

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                            Hi KDD,


                            This Intel® NUC Kit is still under support, so we might have a newer BIOS version soon. May I know the application that you want to run without display? I will pass this information to our engineers.


                            Mike C

                            • 11. Re: Feedback about DE3815TYKE BIOS upgrade to TY0044.BIO ?

                              I want it to boot Linux for general usage, without a display or any kind of display cable attached, just like every PC I've owned.for the past couple of decades would do. There is no specific application which I want to use that has anything to do with the display. I will be logged into the system via SSH and running command line applications/utilities.

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                                FWIW, rolling this system all the way back to BIOS 0024 will allow it to boot with no monitor cable attached. So this was working at one time, but has been broken for about the last year and a half now.

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                                  Hi KDD,


                                  Thank you for update, I will let our engineers know about your troubleshooting.



                                  Mike C

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