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    Intel SSD Tool Box Crashes while trimming at 90% complete


      I have an INTEL SSDSC2CW240A3.  Out of the blue one day.  The intel ssd tool box trim procedure started crashing at 90%.  I've checked the firmware.  Uninstalled then re installed the intel tool box and have the same results.  Also I noticed that the performance of the drive is horrible.  It doesn't feel any faster than my 3TB standard HDD.


      Another thing I noticed is Windows 7 Pro, shows this drive to have 91GB available.  The ssd tool box indicates 1.01 GB is available.  I'm reasonably confident that the Windows indicator is correct and the toolbox indicator is wrong since I've moved two 25GB files off the drive in the last week and I've not filled the space back up with anything.  Also, the Intel SSD Toolbox is indicating the space on the other two drives in my system correctly.