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    Driver not updating to newest


      I'm not exactly sure if the Version number and date are simply not updating, or if it simply didn't update.


      So I just acquired Windows 10, and went ahead and downloaded the new Windows 10 Driver for 4th Gen Processors (4600)

      I did the manual updating, which is manually searching -> Have disk -> Pick the ighdl64 file. after all the process, and to ensure the Update takes place, I restarted my PC.

      I checked the Driver, and to my surprise, it's still the 7/17/2015 version, and not the new one.

      Is there any solution to forcing the driver to update, or should I just simply let the version number and date update?

      I appreciate the sincere replies!

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          Is there a reason that you can't run the installer? I've updated with it and it has done it's work very nicely.

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            When I last checked there was only a .zip version of the new Driver.


            And not only that, but after the driver "Fake-installed", my PC keeps getting resetted with video_tdr_failure igdkmd64.sys

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              Same here with an HD 4400, version from 17/07/15, also goes BSOD the same way, but only when I launch some -and maybe all- games, with a flickering black screen. Text and thumbnails look blurry and start menu also gets distorted when I open the "all apps" list .

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                I am having the same problem, shortly after installing Windows 10 on a HP Envy with Intel HD Graphics 4600 the display started having lines everywhere (Don't know what the technical term is, don't care to look it up) so I went to Google to see if there was a driver for Windows 10, and found it. I first unzipped it to a folder on my desktop and ran the setup.exe, which went through the process of installing and rebooting, only to not fix the problem. Likewise, the driver still listed as being from 7/15/15, instead of the 7/28/15 the Win 10 driver is supposed to be. I attempted to manually install it, with little success. I am using a VGA cable since that is what it came with and was happy with it, not sure if getting a DVI cable and using that would help or not.

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                  yes we all have the same problem..the driver isn't upgrading to the latest version of windows 10 .. and the graphic card every second stop working even when i'm not playing a game..when open a game a blue screen come with error message says "the pc ran itno an error VDR-TDR-FAILURE igdkmd64.sys" please fix that problem.

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                    My drivers seem to be stuck at the 17/07/15 version too. (or 07/17/15 version for the US) Which for me is this one:

                    Though what happens to me is quite diferent without the drivers (before having intel HD graphics 4600 active) my display is fine though I can't play any game at all (which would make sense), but the screen is fine on desktop. When I install the drivers my screen goes pink/green flashing between that and its normal colors, even in game.

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                      What happens if you all go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program -> Intel HD Graphics, then goto device manager, make sure the drivers are uninstalled else uninstall them yourself (and tick the option 'remove driver files'), restart, then run the setup.exe from the .zip, restart?


                      I assume you all use the following package (x64) (?): Intel® Download Center

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                        yes we all use the package x64 its the only here ..and ok ill try what you say..ill reply soon.

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                          well..i did what you have said and that didn't work actually..


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                            same to me on build 10240 even after the driver update



                            Intel HD 4600 driver (old driver, works perfect ) (From ASUS)

                            Intel HD 4600 driver (new driver, doesn't work ) (from Intel)

                            my notebook:

                            Asus ROG G750JM

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                              yea but Intel isn't saying anything like there is a fix coming or something like that

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                                We have to realized that this'd be inevitable

                                It's Day 1 of W10 and the new driver, it's the worst day we could've picked for getting Windows 10.

                                Hopefully in a close time, Windows 10 will have a fix and a new Driver will be out.

                                grasmanek94 I've tried Uninstalling from control panel, but once it uninstalls, my screen starts to spass with the RGB Colors, putting the PC to sleep with a macro fixes that, but hopefully sleeping the PC after the driver uninstalls doesn't affect anything.

                                I'll try verifying in Device manager as well.

                                What's the exact sequence I have to follow in Device Manager?

                                -> Display Adapter -> HD 4600 (Left click) -> HD 4600 Properties -> Driver -> Uninstall -> Delete Driver software from this system box Checked?

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                                  NChanto, yes that is the correct sequence, if you are unable to view your screen during the steps I suggest to use remote control software, like TeamViewer, that could make everything easier.

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                                    Ok, looks like the problem is actually my monitor and not the driver, as I plugged in an older monitor and had no line problems. So unless Windows 10 is damaging monitors it appears my monitor broke shortly after installing Win 10.

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