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    NUC  DN2820FYKH sometimes reboot hang when bios show "Intel NUC"


      Hi to all.


      Seems to be a BIOS bug; ingredients :


      +NUC  DN2820FYKH

      +SSD Kingston 60GB 450 MB/S SV300S37A/60G

      +SO Centos 7.1  - July 2015

      + MEM Kingston 4GB KVR16LS11/4

      + BIOS version 050 and 051


      No other USB devices are plugged into NUC.


      I testing NUC doing a automatic reboot every 5 minutes.

      After about one day max, the NUC reboot hang when bios display "Intel NUC", "press F2 ..." .

      and CTR ALT CANC work for good reboot.


      I start test with  bios default setings and SO UEFI boot : reboot hang.


      I tried other changes but without solving the problem :

      + Disabling Legacy boot when SO have UEFI boot

      + Disabling UEFY boot when SO have Legacy  boot

      + Windows 8 mode and Windows 7 mode

      + disablig boot from network

      + disablig boot from network+optical

      + disablig post error messages

      + Bios 050 and some tests with 051


      Seems that Bios sometime is unable to start with correct boot device/partition;

      and the problems occurs more time when ssd boot disk is UEFI.


      So now I'm testing NUC enabling only boot from SSD and disabling all other boot devices (USB,network,optical);

      I hope at least that is ok;


      hear news !