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    ssd trim with turbo memory


      I use turbo memory on my Vista laptop and plan to upgrade my drive to Intel SSD G2 version. Is there issue with the setup? Am I still able to use the turbo memory feature and SSD trim together, or disable my turbo memory. Thanks.

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          I was in the same situation. My Dell XPS M1330 had the 1gb turbo memory module with Vista 32bit. When I installed my SSD I also upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit. I installed the TRIM firmware on my SSD (without issue) and then installed Win7. Now for TRIM to work automatically with Windows 7 you cannot (currently) install the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers as this disables auto TRIM, meaning you would need to use the Intel Toolkit. Now the turbo memory driver installs the matrix drivers automatically so there is no one without the other. In addition to this the turbo memory function has very little use when you have an SSD as it was designed to fill in with latency issues of a standard hard drive. Taking all this into account I decided to disable the card in the BIOS so it is no longer in use.


          If you are intending to stick with Vista then you will need to run Intel's toolkit to send the TRIM command to an SSD anyway so having the Intel Matrx Storage drivers installed will not make any difference to this and as such having the turbo memory module running will not cause any problems.


          Having said all this.....lets be honest, it doesn't really offer any noticeable performance gains switch on so you might aswell remove it

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            That was what I have in mind. I will upgrade my Vista to win7 next week, and remove the turbo memory for now until Intel comes up with a solution (if there is one). Thanks.