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    Screen Flickering !!! Help...



      my screen flickers and becomes black too often (and my co-worker's screen too, -same machine-). It does that in random moment. Work is impossible!

      Drivers and OS updated. We try to connect an external monitor but that not fixed. What also can we try to do?

      Please save us! Thanks Francesca

      (machine: ASUS N55S, Intel HD Graphics Family & NVIDIA GeForce GT555M/635M, Windows7 )

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          Hello Francesca,


          I checked the product specifications and this system is using the NVIDIA* GeForce * graphics card as the main video source, so you need to check that you have the driver for this device. I would also suggest that you check in the BIOS to see if you have hybrid graphics and to use this option to switch to the integrated graphics, see if the screen behaves in the same manner.

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            thanks a lot for reply!

            I have updated both drivers, NVIDIA GeForce (update required) and Intel HD Graphics Family (no update available), few days ago. Nothing have changed my screen flickering.

            I will try to check BIOS, but it's strange.. Screen's troubles began after a windows update (we suppose), in the same time with my co-worker's screen.

            Yesterday I've installed Microsoft Office 365 (and nothing changed), today my external monitor (the only one that I've left active)  flickers quite never. Magic?!
            I'm afraid to try to activate the notebook monitor... it's all too strange...random.. :-S

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              ... it has  heard me .. it has just started flickering as usual.. that is every (maximum) 30 seconds .. Yippee!

              i'm so sad

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                Hello maiorfrancesca,


                According to the information provided it seems that the actual laptop monitor may be faulty because if you don't see any flickering issues with an external monitor is because the drivers are working fine. In some cases a flickering issue could be related to a physical problem so you may also contact ASUS and request some troubleshooting and, if possible and applicable, a replacement.


                If you have more questions please let me know.


                Warm regards,