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    P3700 dissappeares after cold restart. ASUS X99WS/IPMI, Xeon E5 2670v3, 64Gb. All updated to latest FW/SW. Re-installing to ANY free pci-e slot fixes the issue until next system switch-off


      IntelSSD CVFT50620001800CGN -

      DeviceStatus: Healthy

      Firmware: 8DV10151 ( upgraded using isdct utility)

      FirmwareUpdateAvailable: Firmware is up to date as of this tool release.

      ModelNumber: INTEL SSDPEDMD800G4

      M/b ASUS X99WS/IPMI BIOS version 7.01. All drivers installed.

      Xeon E5-2670v3, 64Gb ECC w/reg

      PS 1200W

      The only other device installed is GTX 970.

      Win 8.1 Enterprise upgraded to latest version. 


      Windows boots w/o any problem. Warm restarting causes no issues. Green and yellow LEDs on the drive are on or blinking.

      After system switch-off the UEFI BIOS screen shows no presence of P3700. No LEDs flashing.

      The issue is fixed by installing P3700 to any other PCI-E slot on board. The system recognizes it , LEDs start flashing and Win boots succesfully.

      After switch off the same thing occurs - no P3700 presents in UEFI BIOS.

      ASUS tech support provided no answer since any other PCI-E card worked OK.


      Pls help to fix the issue

      Thx and regards