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    Should I update to the latest chipset software? The software doesn't really tell me as to what chipsets its for...




      My laptop is a G75VX Asus Gamers Of Republic (GOR)


      Windows 8.1 core.

      Intel core i7 3630QM Quad HT 6MB L3  2.4Ghz base and 3.4GHz turbo boost.

      System ram DDR3 PC-3 12800 (800Mhz)

      Graphics: Nvidia GTX 670MX 3GB GDDR5

      1 TB Hard Disk.


      I've noticed that the latest "public" chipset software is available for download here:


      Intel® Download Center


      Its says its a public update version 10.0.27. It says public in the files name   ->   "Chipset_10.0.27_Public.zip"


      By saying its public, does that mean its universal and will install on a lot of different chipsets? Mainly, do I use this public update everytime a new version comes out? I know that the software is not really

      a driver, but rather *.INF files.  So Window's can talk to the hardware properly and display the information about the hardware in Device Manager. I plan to install it with the switch -overall. That way it will remove my

      old *.INF files, and install the new ones during the installation process. The reason why I'm asking is because the update mentions nothing about my chipset. Here are my chipset specs according to the

      AIDA64 Extreme system information utility:


        North Bridge:                             Intel Ivy Bridge-MB IMC

        South Bridge:                             Intel Panther Point HM77

        Intel Platform:                            Chief River


        Supported Memory Types:        DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600, DDR3-1866 SDRAM

        Maximum Memory Amount:      32 GB

        Revision:                                   09

        Process Technology:                22 nm

        VT-d:                                         Not Supported

        Extended APIC (x2APIC):        Supported


        Memory Controller:                   Type Dual Channel (128-bit),  Active Mode Dual Channel (128-bit)



      Device Manager Displays:


      Intel 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family PCI Express

      Intel HM77 Express Chipset LPC Controller - 1E57



      Yea, I know, its not such a big deal to really need to update to the new chipset software unless it might solve issues. But, I just want to be up to date anyway. Also, is there any place at www.intel.com I can actually find chipset software specifically for my Ivy Bridge chipset?


      All in all, my guess is that the latest chipset software is for everyone with the latest hardware. Just not 100% for sure. And if that update can be used on my system even though I don't really need them, I'm going to update them anyway =)...


      Thanks for any help...