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      Hi, I just bought a laptop DELL Inspiron 15-5558 with NVIDIA GEFORCE, the problem is when I'm playing a game "World of warcraft", the screen freezes sometimes and I force the close of it, I try to open it again and a msg spawn saying something about make sure that directX9 is installed on my computer, after this msg a blue screen with a sad face ":(" spawn saying this error "VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR" then restarts... What can I do?, it happens just sometimes...

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          Hello Chucho;

                          Thank you for taken the time to create your post. The error message is related to the driver version and the components for DirectX.  I will best recommend you to verify with the manufacturer of the system.

          Or I could recommend to update to the latest DirectX that your OS is compatible to and then to verify with NVIDIA for the best driver for the model of your NVIDIA GEFORCE.



          Henry A.